Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hansen Dam 11 Miler - SF

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11 miler around Hansen Dam Park

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seco Canyon Green Vally 18 Miler - San Fernando

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Many runners missing from photo.

Green Valley run. 18 mile out-and-back. Rolling hills.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chris Receives Sponsorship from Team Red Bull

After sipping of the energy drink around mile 13, he start to feel his body gently ascending over the runners to the finish line and all the way home. **My feet were dangling over the runners heads. I feel completely disbelief that I was actually flying. I guess this stuff really works** said Chris.
Photo Courtesy of Nose Hair Photography

Sunday, October 16, 2005

2005 Long Beach Marathon


Oswaldo Hurtado M 2341 Marathon 2:43:54 7th 1st in division

Jaime Ortiz 44-M 2429 Marathon 2:53:49 15th 3rd in division

Arturo Sierra M 2448 Marathon 3:20:17 83rd 8th in division

Julio Jaramillo 50-M 2498 Marathon 3:22:58 95th 4th in division

Victor Torres M 2382 Marathon 3:26:13 112th 13th in division

Jose Velasquez M 2436 Marathon 3:31:15 152nd

Barefoot Ted 41-M Marathon 3:35 unofficial

Berith (Betty) Velasquez 48-F 2017 Marathon 4:21:13 723rd

Patti Kahn 47-F 1049 Marathon 4:35:46 923rd

1/2 Marathon:

Benjamin Caro M-60 7198 1/2 Marathon 1:23:51 31st 1st in division

Douglas Martinez 43-M 7839 Half Marathon 1:27:10 59th

Chris Quesada 37-M 5574 Half Marathon 1:28:32 73rd

Mario Tamayo M 7838 1/2 Marathon 1:30:54 98th 4th in division

Juan Rodriguez 50-M 5705 Half Marathon 1:32:06 113th

Mike Lopez M 4815 1/2 Marathon 1:32:52 118th 3rd in division

Roberto Perez 57-M 5492 Half Marathon 1:37:17 196th 5th in division

Carmen Prediado F-40 7667 1/2 Marathon 1:38:17 207th 4th in division

Magdalena Fernandez 31-F 3768 Half Marathon 1:50:41 579th
(Pacer: Rafael Ramos)

Rosa Arevalo 46-F 2826 Half Marathon 1:52:46 660th

Veronica Gardner-Mendoza 29-F 3895 Half Marathon 1:59:57 1000th

Adalberto "Flaco" Mendoza 1:30 unofficial 3rd in division if official


Margarita Fernandez 32-F 2577 5k 31:26 457th

Paola Fernandez 34-F 9620 5k 40:14 777th

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big Tujunga Canyon Run - SF

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Beautiful weather. Freddie and Ted ran up to the second bridge for a total of 20 miles. The others ran over to the lake.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Olive View to San Fernando Rd. Loop 14 Miler -SF

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Road run. Dago, Ruben and Mario start us off fast on this rolling hill course.

--Barefoot Ted