Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gato Profile: Larry Mendoza

Posted by: Chris Quesada
I'd Like to dedicate this post to Larry Mendoza. A long time member of the Wild Mountain Running Club, and one of my few training mentors. Along with his many experiences and accomplishments, Larry has not only trained and competed at the elite level, but has personally coached me from time to time. One of Larry Mendozas running highlights was the San Diego Americas Finest Half Marathon back in August 23, 1987 where he ran 67 minutes ranking in sensational 8th place overall. *I can still recall that race said Gilbert Varela, he was in the front pack following the elites*.
Larry is someone you cannot miss at the park. Hes always saying hi and introducing himself to everybody that runs by. Like the bar called Cheers, where everybody knows Norm Peterson, Larry is just as popular at the park.

Click the following link to redirect article from Occidental College Faculty and Staff Newsletter.


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