Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mt. Disappointment 50K | Hal Winton 50 Miler

BFT and Ruperto Romero 2nd Place Overall in 50 miler!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The San Francisco Marathon - July 29, 2007

Another massive Gato tsunami hitting San Francisco !

Congratulation are in order --

Jaime Ortiz


2nd place division

Abel Ibbara


7th place division

Arturo Valdez


Pedro Capiz


Jose Hernandez


1:51:18 Half - huge negative split for Jose. Way to go!

Julio Jaramillo


Harry Qahwajian


Naomi Ruiz


Personal Record so far - awesome job!

Betty Velasquez


Not bad for somebody who had very little training. _______________________________________________________________

H a l f -- M a r a t h o n e r s

Hector Lopez


1st place division - 8th place overall

Gilbert Varela

to be continued

(no photo found)

Rosa Arevalo


Great training run for Rosa

Maria Isabel China

To be determined

When the Lights Go Out in the City -SF 2007

Bambinos - Italian bar and restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district .

From L - R

Javier, Gilbert, Diego, Chris, Naomi and Rosa

Gilbert and Diego carbo loading
Let go of her leg Gilbert. She's not real!

Gilbert's new friend Mr. Papa John

Southgate WMR's

Harry and Gilbert

Happy finishers

Naomi anxiously waiting for the gun start @ 5:30 am

The Finishers

Chris got drunk the night before the marathon and decided to get tattooed to read -

26.2 The San Francisco Marathon