Friday, July 22, 2005

Roberto "Kadafi" Perez earns his Trail!

By: Chris Quesada

The Griffith Park Tetrick Trail is a tough 8-mile loop with quick up and down rolling hills. Taking up parts of an old fire road, it is spotted with shade from trees towering over the course. Roberto ‚??Kadafi‚?? Perez started running the Tetrick Trail in 1983. One part of the trail he calls ‚??Los Columpios‚??, is his favorite because it is the most physically difficult section of the entire trail as you‚??re heading up very concentrated steep and quick hills. His personal best was 55 minutes for the course with a recent best of 61 minutes, which he ran during the past month.

When I heard he wanted to challenge this tough trial thirty consecutive days (total of 34 trail runs), I enthusiastically agreed to join and support him on his last week of his goal. I had to get up at 4:15 in the morning everyday to ‚??get the run in‚?? before starting my day. That took a bit of getting used to. Two other Wild Mountain Runners, Ismael Favela and Pancho Rodriguez, have also supported Roberto in his goal. ‚??It is very difficult to break this streak unless you are unemployed or have a lot of free time ‚?? be prepared!" said Roberto.

His inspiration to run this 30 day streak was to get the Wild Mountain Runners to pass a resolution to rename the Tetrick Trail to KT run (Kadafi Trail). His running goal was successfully accomplished now the hard part comes in ‚?? to rename the trail Kadafi Trail. After a lot of hard work, consistency and dedication, I hereby propose and notice be given to all Wild Mountain Chapters that the Tetrick Trail be now called Kadafi Trail.


Blogger Barefoot Ted said...

Howdy Kadafi

Congratulations on your newly named trail.

I don't know how you do it. You must be some kind of animal...oh, yes, that's right, your a Wild Mountain Runner! That makes sense.

Best, Barefoot Ted

1:37 PM

Blogger German said...

Kadafi, congratulations on completing 30 Tetrick Trail Run. I was talking to Jaime Ortiz yesterday Sunday 21, and he told me that he was going to complete 3 Tetrick Trail run per day for 10 consecutive days. Look out!!. You know Jaime is crazy and he will due it. So get ready to challenge him if he ever completes this deed.

Good luck, German

10:30 AM

Blogger Barefoot Ted said...

Howdy German and Kadafi

Yes, perhaps Jaime Ortiz is crazy enough to do it, but he also said that he was going to do the Long Beach Marathon barefoot under 3 hours (and get paid over $600.00 to do it), but I heard through Julio that he was unable to train barefoot, so at least one challenge has alluded him.

Best, Barefoot Ted

12:09 PM

Blogger wmrChris said...

Theres no doubt Jaime can't do it. I once ran 24 miles with him up Glendale hills and made it seem like it was just a walk in the park.I think the challenge is having to squeeze in 3 "Kadafi Trail" a day (total of 24 miles or 3 and 1/2 hrs./day). Like Kadafi says, "unless you are unemployed or have a lot of free time" this will be hard to break". Wish I had that much time... Good luck!

2:02 PM


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