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WMR Newsletter - April 2004

Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon 2004
By: Chris Quesada

The participation of the WMRs at the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon event once again turned out to be a huge success. 45 WMR Runners consisting 9 teams, 5 from L.A. and 4 from San Fernando, competed in different divisions. The cat logo imprinted on our new uniform enable us to proudly advertise both our outstanding running club throughout the years and our level of commitment in running. The results we were able to achieve were impressive.

Congratulations to the following Jimmy Stewart Medalist -

WMR V placed 1st in the Seniors (corporate) Mens Division (Time 3:42) Team captain Ray - Our runners in this division are looking even better each year.

Team members: Ray, Benito; Gilbert; Carlos

WMR IV placed 1st in the Coed Division (Time 3:00) what a remarkable accomplishment! Just being in the top 3 would have been something to brag about, but to win it! Well done to team captain Larry and his team mates Araceli, Ricky, Rosa & Fernando.

Team members: 2 mile - Larry , Rosa , Fernando, Ricky & Araceli.

WMR Dream Team place 2nd in the Master (corporate) Men Division (Time 2:55). Team captain Roberto Perez once again lead a great team of runners. His only comment at the end was *not to brag, but we pull out the times, which prove us one of the best in the Masters Division of Jimmy Stewart (you show off.)

Team members: Roberto, Bob, German, Faustino & Sergio

San Fernando Valley WMR II placed 3rd (Time 2:56) Master (corporate) Men Division (If I were you Kadafee, Id closely look over your shoulder next year). Way to go San Fernando Gatos!

The fastest time of all the Wild Mountain Runners this year goes to WMR III who placed 9th overall in the Open Division @ 2:48 Team Captain Chris Quesada who began to strategize on where, how and when to exchange the baton paid off. Team members Victor, Ismael, Ramon, and Rodrigo all did excellent times (yah, we didnt get any recognition, but who wants a cheap medal anyway!)

Team members: Chris, Ramon, Victor, Rodrigo & Ismael

More results-

San Fernando WMR III placed 11th @ 2:57 Running Clubs Men Division
San Fernando Valley WMR III placed 5th 3:02 Master (corporate) Men Division
WMR IV place 15th @ 3:10 Running Clubs Men Division
WMR II place 29th @ 3:55 Coed Division

On behalf of the WMR Running Club, wed like to say special thanks to
By: Chris Quesada

To Angel -Keyano- from the Amarillo Running Club who helped to obtain major discounted rates on our entry fees. His networking has certainly been a bonus to the Wild Mountain Runners.

To Gilbert Varela whos responsibilities not only included raising money for the entry fees; barbequing delicious chicken (donated by Gilbert) and carne asada (donated by Julio), but also taking care of those who hung out just a bit too long at the beer garden (you know who you are)

To Steve Borough and Kitty, who arrived before the bats returned and reserved the tables for us at the park before the race. Last but not least, thanks to everybody who contributed to the picnic.

Quote to reflect on *

"In running, it does'nt matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack or last. You can say 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that"

-Fred Lebow

Almost Famous *
By: Chris Quesada

For those who were watching Fox 11 News @ ten p.m. on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Maggie was interviewed by the news media after a mountain lion sighting at Griffith Park. She was very calm, very informative, very focused and clear on her responses. By the way, Maggie has been appointed our official WMR spokeswoman (she doesnt know about that yet).

Chris and Araceli who were caught on camera while stretching during the interview, have been offered a modeling contract with Nike. Both were admired by their *runners legs*. Both are still pending decision on the lucrative offer.

Cool Website *
By: Donna aka Ms. Speedy

For those hard-core runners who have internet access and want to seek information about international track and field, cross country news, as well as interesting articles and tons of information on injury treatment, nutrition, shoes, etc. check out this website:

This will definitely help you improve, focusing more into comprehensive training and running publishing.

Where is Di Di?????

Is he incognito dressed as a mountain lion? Stay tuned for more news.


Gato Profile: Roberto *Kadafi* Perez
by: Gilbert Varela

Roberto Perez trains like he competes and competes like he trains. Those who join his Sunday training runs know that they are in for a serious workout. Those who challenge him in any race know that they will have endured a lot of pain keeping up. To beat Roberto, you will have to spill your guts as the great Steve Prefontaine would say when challenged by competitors. Challenging himself and others has been Robertos trademark.

Roberto was born in Mexicali, Mexico, the youngest of five children. His love for competition began at an early age. At age 8 his baseball team, Los Piratas, won the Baja California state championship. At age 13, he immigrated with his family to the United States. Roberto later attended Belmont High School where he competed in soccer. At the Los Angeles City Soccer Championships he became a school hero when he scored three goals against Garfield High School capturing the championship. His interest in running began when he saw Belmonts cross-country team compete. Upon seen the competition Roberto said *I knew I could beat them* and soon joined Bob Macias (WMR member) who also ran for Belmont.

After graduating from Belmont, Roberto was drafted into the arm forces where he was honored as a distinguished airborne school graduate. He became a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and was sent to Vietnam soon after the massive 1968 Tet Offensive. No sooner was he in Vietnam when 5 of his 12 man killer team were lost in an ambush. He was soon chosen to be part of a 5 men recognizance team. It was in this capacity that he experienced more action against the Viet Cong. After serving honorably, he was discharged, enrolled at LACC where he studied police science and joined the MECHA Teatro Campesino. Roberto has two adult daughters and one adult son. He is a loving grandfather to Charisma, his only granddaughter. He is married to a wonderful lady named Estela. Roberto owns and operates Runner Freight, a truck delivery business.

Roberto joined the Gatos in 1984 when Freddy Perez met him at Griffith Park and asked him to join his then fledgling team. Since then he has remained a loyal and committed member. As a Gato, Roberto has run 32 marathons, including the Los Angeles Marathon, which is his favorite. He ran his best marathon time at the first LA marathon in 2:50. His fastes marathon was at the grueling San Pedro in 1:17:48. His best 5k was 17:03 and his fastest 10 k was 35:06. However, he is quick to say that his favorite run will always be Lake Isabella. At Isabella, Roberto competed in the 38 mile ultra and as a member of a relay team.

Roberto loves to train. His favorite training run is los columpios, a short but intensive farklet style run that uses part of the Tetrick trail. Those who want to get ready for a tough run should try it. (If you dare!). But be careful--Roberto hates *People that cut the course while training*


Newsletter article: December 1989

The Wild Mountain Runner Pack Shows Great Stamina
By: Roberto Perez

On Nov ember 22nd, the Wild Mountain Runners places seven runners in the top 30 slots at the Arturo Barrios Reebok Invitational. Despite the rain and cold morning, Javier (Guajach) Perez led the Wild bunch with an outstanding time of 31:03, which is an average of 5:03 per mile and was good enough for an overall 3rd place finish. Carlos Navarro finished 4th with a time of 31:24 and Roberto *El Chino*Rodriguez finished 7th with a time of 31:49.

Leading the seond pack of Lions was Master runner Steve Keyes. He crossed the finish line with a time of 33:22 and was the first master runner overall. Hot on Steves heels were Pepe *El Brochero* Gomez and Joel Sanchez with times of 33:30 and 33:34, respectively. German *Sorullo* Alonzo was right there with Pepe and Joel with an equally impressive time. German who has been coaching many of the Wild Mountain Runners at the Cal State LA track, accomplished what he had sad he would do, which was to break 34:00.

Salvador Arellano completed the course in 34:07. He said that he was disappointed with his performance, but considering that he was fighting a bad cold he did remarkably well. Faustino *El Cuete* Campos proved to Gilbert *4-mile* Varela that he is a force to be reckoned with by almost ousting Gilbert and finishing in 35:31, which was only a second slower than Gilberts time. I myself ran the race in 36:16, which is the fastest 10K Ive done in a long time. To everyone, CONGRATULATIONS.


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